Why I Don't FaceBook

Today marks a minor milestone in my life. I divorced myself from Facebook and decided to start my own blog. People always told me that my posts were too long and the content too heavy.  After about the dozenth time a commenter said, "Seriously, is this really the place for these drawn out posts?" I finally got the message. My Facebook page has now been disabled and will eventually be deleted once I rake some pertinent content from it. The fact is that FaceBook isn't the place to state one's philosophy of life, but a personal blog is.

At this point I have no idea who will read my ponderous musings, but if you landed here, I welcome you.  I hope you will find the content refreshing and maybe, just maybe, I can offer you something that will lead you to change your life for the better.

I consider myself a person of faith; a conservative and a strict Roman Catholic. I do my best not to judge or hate. The problem with being unashamed to openly live my faith is that the world assumes that I hate everybody who is not just like me. Worse yet, they presume that I want to convert everyone to Catholicism or that I will condemn anyone with a different world view. I have heard all the criticisms I'll ever need to hear about how my religion is stuck in the Middle Ages and how I need to "get with the times."

Emotionally beaten and bloodied, I have given up trying to enlighten my FaceBook friends and the friends-of-friends as to what it really means to be a believer. Most people I meet are part of the secular mass of unbelievers who generally "go with the flow" of popular sentiment. From a personal perspective, there is such a wave of ungodly sentiment in the world that I just couldn't take having to defend my viewpoint on a daily basis while all the while being bombarded and tag-teamed by well-meaning folks.

A while back I heard a speaker give a talk on personality types. A particular point that this speaker made early on is that sometimes people would rather be right than well-liked. That speech was an eye-opener for me because I realized that up until that point, that I was one of "those" people. I'd had a good education and was probably too self-important for my own good. Co-workers were polite, but none really wanted to relate on a personal level.  So I decided to listen, encourage, and be happier more and lecture, counsel, and opinionate less. It was then that I found out why we have two ears but just one mouth.

Decades later I renewed my Catholic faith. I found myself faced with the reality that truth as I know it will once again  push people away. Keeping quiet about the "best" way to cook an egg is quite a bit different from withholding what you know is truth from the divine perspective. To not say anything at all wouldn't be fair because people will presume I agree with them on matters that are clearly contrary to my beliefs. I would rather let folks know what I'm about from the start so as not to deceive them.  If anyone is of a like mind, then there is a bond. Where there are differences, I want people to know that I will respect them, but I don't always get respected in return.

If you have read this far, feel free to "like" or comment.  I only ask that you remain respectful. Everybody matters no matter who they are or what they believe, but respect must be recognized as a two-way street.   Welcome and may God bless you!