What Really Matters is Faith

What really matters is faith. There is so much to say and I have barely taken my first baby steps as a brand-new blogger.  I am deeply concerned with the right to freedom of religion "and the free exercise thereof" to quote the first amendment. Many an argument has already been had in recent times with the growing support of same-sex marriage and lawsuits arising out firmly held religious beliefs. On top of all this are the liberal propaganda machines that seek to undermine religion any way they can. Perhaps the most insidious of propaganda are the ones that want you to believe that there is no propaganda to discredit religious believers! I have seen people post and re-post content that is seemingly innocent, or seemingly true without ever questioning if it promotes bias or if it is the wild distortion of some radical group.  Sadly, certain self-proclaimed Catholics are just as guilty of hurtful tactics resulting from their misguided zeal.

So I'm taking on the world, so to speak, in trying to set the record straight. It can't be done on social media--that is why this website came into being. I have no agenda other than to understand what is true and good in the eyes of heaven.   I hope you will stay tuned as I put my thoughts into words in the days and weeks to come.